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For new employees

For new employees

Congratulations and welcome aboard! From going through new employee registration to enrolling in university insurance, we've got you covered.

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Resources for leaders

Tap into resources on university priorities and key human resources-related topics as you lead faculty and staff in support of our university mission.

How we can help

Health and Wellbeing

Offer competitive total rewards packages to attract/retain talent and improve our community’s health and well-being.

People Development

Strengthen leadership capabilities, promote high performance and a culture of continuous learning and development.

Culture and Climate

Foster a culture that is inclusive, diverse and collaborative environment that creates an employee experience that inspires excellence in people.

High-Quality Service

Provide our campuses, schools and departments with best-in-class service to enable our institutional goals and academic mission.

Workforce Planning

Collaborate with leaders to evaluate talent needs, attract top talent and enable multi-year recruiting and succession plans.


Partner with leaders to address employee-related issues and meet internal and external compliance requirements.

Efficient HR Operations

Continuously improve HR workflow and leverage HR technology solutions to deliver efficient shared services.

Flexible, short-term help

SOS Temporary Staffing

Whether you're looking for extra staffing for a few hours or for several months, or if you're interested in being considered for temporary positions, temporary staffing is available to university departments to meet their ever-changing needs.

SOS Temporary Staffing
SOS Temporary Staffing