The HR/Payroll Operations unit facilitates pay processing to all universities systemwide and Time and Labor support to MU, Missouri S&T, UMSL and the UM System central offices. Sharing the staff and systems in this way allows payroll processes to run in a timely manner, ensures adherence to university policy, state law and federal regulations and allows each university to independently focus on their core missions of teaching, research and engagement.

Need to contact payroll?  You can reach us at Payroll Shared Services.

Faculty and staff at the university are paid on either a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Exempt, or salaried, employees are paid monthly, and non-exempt, or hourly, employees are paid bi-weekly.

Paychecks are direct deposited directly to a bank or other financial institution specified by the employee in myHR (the financial institution must participate in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) program), as follows:

Position Type Pay Period Pay Day
Hourly paid positions Begins Sunday of one week and ends Saturday of the following week. Payment made on Wednesday, 11 calendar days after the pay period ends.
Monthly paid positions Begins the first day of the month and ends the last day of the month. Payment made on the last regularly-scheduled workday (Monday-Friday) of the month.

Pay stubs (i.e., pay advise statements) are available in myHR. Full policy information is described in HR Policy Manual HR-219 Pay Periods.

Setting up Direct Deposit

Newly-hired faculty and staff will set up direct deposit as part of their hiring and onboarding process.

Changing a Direct Deposit

To change your direct deposit, log in to myHR > My Payroll > Direct Deposit and select "edit" to input your new direct deposit information.

The university sends out a number of tax-related letters and emails in preparation for each tax season. To understand which forms you may expect to receive and what each document means, please consult the UM System End-of-Year Tax Documents webpage for more.

Opt-in to Receive Forms Electronically

Certain forms can be made available electronically and you will receive your forms fastest if you elect to receive them in this way. Opt in via myHR to receive electronic access to your forms (visit the UM System Compensation FAQs for specific instructions on completing the opt-in process). If you do not opt in, paper form(s) will be mailed to you later. If you opted in previously, you don’t need to do so again.

Individuals who come from abroad to learn and work at the university could have special tax considerations depending on their visa or resident status. Similarly, campus departments and off-campus employers should be aware of these tax considerations when processing paperwork related to these employees.

Visit the webpages below for information for resident aliens, non-resident aliens, off-campus employers and related departmental processing.