Whether you are a new employee getting oriented to your new role or a long-time faculty or staff refining and growing skills, the university offers many types of training to its employees. Broadly, trainings cover a wide range of topics serving a few areas, outlined below. If you have questions about training at the university, please reach out to the Office of Human Resources.

  • Required Annual Training: Most faculty and staff complete trainings each year as reminders of principles employees uphold during the course of their work, such as data and information security, discrimination prevention and Title IX and emergency alerts. Certain positions may also have additional trainings related to regulatory compliance, such as FERPA or HIPAA.
  • Role-based Trainings: Focused trainings related to a particular type of work or process done at the university. This includes information covered by the Management Fundamentals Certificate Series to improve management skills, as well as platform or task-specific information like functions maintained through the platform PeopleSoft, among others.
  • General Skill Training: Includes both hard and soft skills helpful for all professionals, wherever one may be in their career. For example, learn about different time management strategies or stress reduction techniques, or brush up on best practices for interpersonal communication.

To succeed, ongoing training is essential. The university offers a variety of opportunities in which employees can grow and thrive within their chosen professions. Access classes and materials to advance your career by visiting the UM System Learning and Growth webpage, including:

  • Compliance and regulatory training
  • Supervisor development courses
  • General employee and leadership development
  • Team-specific strategies

Set your course! Find different avenues in which you can define and pursue your ideal career by visiting the UM System Career Planning webpage, including:

  • Toolkit for personal professional growth
  • Mentoring others
  • Promoting student involvement
  • Talent pipeline development

The university is dedicated to retaining talented faculty and staff through a positive employee experience. Support employee engagement, satisfaction and discovery with recommendations for guidance on the UM System Employee Experience webpage, including:

In order to attract, develop and retain top talent, our institution implements structured methods to educate, advance and empower leaders. Visit the UM System Leadership Development webpage to learn more about efforts across the system, including:

  • Dr. Elson S. Floyd Administrative Leadership Development Program (ALDP)
  • Organizational Perspectives and Leadership (OPAL)
  • Series on Leadership Essentials (SOLE)
  • Academic Leadership Development

The university’s online learning and performance support platform, Percipio, is sponsored by the University of Missouri (UM) System Office of Human Resources. Percipio offers training and resources in many areas, including leadership, software applications, professional effectiveness and legal compliance in the workplace as part of an ongoing commitment to the continuing development of faculty and staff.

Courses and trainings available through Percipio are not intended to replace instructor-led training courses. Rather, it supplements traditional training methods and leverages our existing resources by providing just-in-time access to development materials for professional and personal skill-building.

For additional information, technical support, and other recommended trainings, please visit the UM System Percipio webpage.

myHR and PeopleSoft HR

PeopleSoft HR is the software the university uses to power day-to-day HR tasks and manage peoples' information. Many faculty and staff see a snippet of this type of information in myHR (PeopleSoft HR Self Service) when they enter time, review their leave balances, enroll in insurance and much more. Strategic HR Partners access and maintain this information in the course of their job through PeopleSoft HR Production.

Consult the UM System PeopleSoft HR resources for additional information for both general employees and PeopleSoft administrators. For PeopleSoft (HR Production) Training, visit the corresponding webpage for additional information.

Staff Development Week

Every year, the university spends a week to recognize and celebrate the unique and important contribution staff make to our campus and community. The Office of Human Resources partners with the Staff Advisory Council to schedule a series of informational developmental sessions. See the Staff Development Week webpage for more information.