As difficult as a layoff is for employees and supervisors alike, it is sometimes a necessary course of action. If an employee is laid off, they may have access to transitional pay based on their length of service to the university.

Units may utilize the resources available on the UM System Layoff and Transition Assistance Resources webpage, which includes resources for both employees and supervisors as linked below.

Layoff Justification

Before an employee may be laid off, departments must submit a layoff justification form explaining the position being eliminated and the proposed redistribution of duties.

Layoff Letter

Per HR Policy Manual HR-117 Layoff and Transition Assistance, all employees must receive written notice of a layoff due to workforce reduction. Please work with your Strategic HR Partner for assistance with the layoff letter.

Transition Assistance Agreement

In order to receive transition assistance pay, the employee affected by layoff must complete the Layoff and Transition Assistance Agreement.

Funding for the transition assistance varies depending on the business unit through which the laid off employee reports.

COLUM established a pool to cover assistance for grant or GO-funded positions. After payment is made, departments can request the Division of Finance reimburse the payment.

  • Requests for reimbursement should include:
    • Salary amount calculations
    • FICA portion of the benefit rate calculations
    • Chartfield to which funds should be transferred
    • EMPLID and name of laid off employee
  • Direct reimbursement requests to Nicole Kilgore
  • Transfer of funds may only be made to a Fund 0000 DeptID

For KCITY, ROLLA, STLOU and HOSPT units, the department funds the assistance.

Transition assistance paid layoff leave and termination should be processed at the same time. For COLUM, CAPS processes these after receiving signed Layoff and Transition Assistance Agreement and notifies home department once keyed.

For nine-month academics, the service basis is updated to 12 months in PeopleSoft and the monthly compensation rate is calculated using the nine-month ABBR. For those with layoff effective January 1, the remaining half of the current contract and any ENP will be paid out over January and February and transition assistance will commence March 1.

Transition assistance paid layoff leave and termination should be processed at the same time.

Paid Leave of Absence (PLOA action)

  • Reason: TRN (transition assistance)
  • Effective date: Day after last day worked or day after two weeks’ pay in lieu of notice
  • Earn code: SEV (monthly) or SEB (biweekly)
  • Required attachments: Layoff and Transition Assistance Agreement; layoff letter provided to employee (copy)

Termination (TER action)

  • Reason: WKR (workforce reduction)
  • Effective date: Varies depending on employee length of service
    • Termination date for eligible employees with less than ten (10) years of continuous regular employment with the University immediately prior to layoff, will be four (4) weeks from the effective date of layoff.
    • Termination date for eligible employees with a minimum of ten (10) years of continuous regular employment with the University immediately prior to layoff will be one (1) week for every twenty-four (24) months of continuous benefit-eligible service up to a maximum of ten (10) weeks, or until the point at which the employee transition assistance payments have reached a total of $25,000 under subsection D.2. below, whichever comes first.
  • Earn code: N/A
  • Required attachments: N/A

The length of time for transition assistance payment disbursement varies depending on the number of years of continuous, benefit-eligible service.

Refer to HR Policy Manual HR-117 Layoff and Transition Assistance for details.

Monthly-Paid Employees

Transition assistance will be disbursed automatically if the paid leave of absence/transition assistance (PLOA/TRN) is entered in PeopleSoft.

Biweekly-Paid Employees

Transition assistance payments only occur when hours are entered in Time & Labor (or KRONOS for HOSPT employees). For COLUM, ROLLA and UMSYS, the CAPS Center and payroll office will process these entries

If applicable, a lump sum payout of PTO, up to policy limits, and vacation time will be automatically paid on the paycheck following the final regular earnings paycheck based on the normal pay schedule.

Employees should be made aware that vacation payouts are annualized when processed, resulting in additional tax withholding.

For field names related to paid leave of absence and transition assistance:


  • ePAF data: PLOA (paid leave of absence)


  • ePAF data: TRN (transition assistance)

Effective Date

  • ePAF data: Date the paid leave commences
  • Explanation: The date the layoff leave starts and transition assistance begins to be paid. This date will generally be the day after the last day worked unless the employee receives two weeks’ pay in lieu of notice. In the event of two weeks’ pay in lieu of notice, the effective date for the paid leave of absence is the day after the two weeks’ pay ends, regardless of the day of the week.

Last Date Worked

  • ePAF data: Enter last day worked
  • Explanation: If employee is paid two weeks pay in lieu of notice, you should still enter the actual last day worked.

Compensation Rate

  • ePAF data: Do not change unless the employee is both hourly and eligible for shift differential. If title is authorized for shift differential, add the hourly amount of shift differential to employee’s hourly pay.
  • Explanation: Transition assistance payment includes shift differential if it has been normally included in the employee’s compensation. For an employee working different shifts, the transition assistance payment will be based on the average weekly pay during the two preceding pay periods.


  • ePAF data: Accept default unless there is a change

Appt End Date

  • ePAF data: No entry

TER Effective Date

  • ePAF data: Date the termination is effective
  • Explanation: Depending on the years of continuous benefit eligible service, the employee is terminated 4-10 weeks after the initial paid leave. Please see policy for details.


  • ePAF data: Include number of years of continuous benefit-eligible service and notation in cases where employee received two weeks’ pay in lieu of notice


  • ePAF data: To process the ePAF, the signed Layoff and Transition Assistance Agreement and layoff letter must be attached.
  • Explanation: These forms must be attached to ePAF when submitted.

Once a month, employees in layoff or furlough status can receive non-perishable household items and are eligible to receive fresh produce, a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread once a week. These resources may be available via curbside pickup or delivery for at-risk populations. Learn more about how to use Tiger Pantry or email with any questions.