The University of Missouri is an equal opportunity employer and treats employees and potential employees based on their contribution or potential contribution without regard to personal characteristics not related to competence, demonstrated ability, performance, or the advancement of the legitimate interests of the university.

For administrative, service and support staff positions, guidelines vary depending on whether the position will be competitively posted for external candidates to apply, or whether the position will be filled internally.

Learn more about the full recruitment process for staff hiring as well as staff work changes, such as interim appointments, reclassification and rehiring university retirees.


Hiring Academic Positions

There are several different types of academic positions at the university, with variations on the hiring process to match.

Learn more about the guidelines for hiring academic positions based on the type of position being hired.

Renewal and Nonrenewal Notices

Renewal and nonrenewal notices are issued to faculty, non-tenure track and unranked faculty in particular, each year regarding their appointment for the upcoming year.

Tenure Home Changes

There are instances where a faculty member may wish to transfer their tenure home from one department to another. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to initiate the process by informing their current department chair of their interest in transferring their tenure home to a different department.

Approvals vary depending on the type of tenure home change being sought. Human Resources provides guidelines for the different types of tenure home changes.

Per HR Policy Manual HR-504 Background Checks and Criminal Convictions, in most cases, the final candidate for a university position is required to undergo a criminal background check prior to beginning the duties of the new position.

Learn more about initiating and processing a criminal background check (CBC) for positions at the university.

The University of Missouri is required by state law to participate in the federal E-Verify program for all new hires. Newly-hired employees must complete their federal Form I-9 on or before the first day of employment, but not before the job offer has been accepted.

Human Resources offers guidelines for ensuring both the employee and employer portion of the Form I-9 is completed correctly, as well as requirements for when changes and corrections need to be made.