Faculty or staff may transfer to another position or separate from the University (e.g., voluntary or involuntary termination, retirement, or change from benefit-eligible to non-benefit-eligible positions).

Visit HR-112 Transfers between Benefit-Eligible Positions and HR-118 Separations for more information.


For general transfer/separation checklist information for both the employee and their supervisor, visit the UM System Voluntary Separations: Resignations and Retirement webpage.

There are also campus-specific steps that should be completed to ensure university property and facilities are accounted for as part of the separation process. Complete the University of Missouri-Columbia Transfer/Separation Checklist (PDF) and forward it with the employee’s transfer or termination ePAF.

All benefit-eligible faculty and staff systemwide who terminate employment voluntarily will receive an automated exit survey. Surveys are automatically issued when a termination is processed in PeopleSoft and should be a part of a department’s regular offboarding processes.

Exit survey information provides aggregate data to help the university refine its workforce planning as well as improve retention and the employee experience.

Employees in the DB Plan or Hybrid Plan who are ready to initiate their retirement process should contact their campus Benefit and Retirement Specialist to submit their Notice of Intent to Retire.

Once an employee kicks off the process:

  •  Benefit and Retirement Specialist
    • Meets with employee to finalize the plans for retiring
    • Submits ePAF for processing and notifies supervisor of planned retirement
    • Ensures employee’s personnel file is sent to central UM System Human Resources retirement team.

Employees in the DC Plan or Hybrid Plan who are ready to initiate their retirement process should contact Fidelity to discuss your options for disbursement and withdrawal during retirement.

Visit the UM System retirement planning checklist for instructions based on your retirement plan.

Unemployment benefits are provided to eligible workers (claimants) who become unemployed through no fault of their own and meet certain other eligibility requirements. Unemployment benefits is managed through the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Division of Employment Security.

Questions related to unemployment claims can be directed to UM System HR’s Employee and Labor Relations. Contact information is available on the Employee and Labor Relations Resources webpage.

Appeals must be filed in writing with the Division of Employment Security within 30 days of the date of the initial determination. Departments involved in an appeal can consult the Unemployment Appeal Hearing Preparation webpage when preparing.