The university conducts its operations and stores information across several software platforms, with different security permissions based on role or the type of work being done. These security permissions are maintained through different points of the organization depending on the platform. Procedures for access to some commonly used HR-related platforms are outlined here.

The Organizational Tree Request is used for proposed changes to nodes impacting the budget, finance, HR, and student organizational trees. The request is a fillable form with “helpful hints” over various fields. Access the form and completion instructions on the Division of Finance Forms webpage.

Divisional Fiscal Officers or their delegates must request access for any PeopleSoft HR/Payroll modules for employees in the division. Requests need to be submitted through the PeopleSoft HR Production. Navigate to UM Custom Process>UM Security. Instructions for completing this process are available for download: PeopleSoft HR security access request system (PDF).

Access to various applications is granted based on the employee's job duties and what access is needed to effectively perform his or her job. Visit the PeopleSoft HR Production Training webpage for additional information.

Access to submit Justification for Increase forms uses the same permissions as submitting electronic personnel action files (ePAF). For more information on the process by which to submit a justification for increase form, visit the Departmental Processing webpage for ePAF/PAF Job Actions.

Division/Department administrator sends request for Recruiting module security access for Hiring Managers, Interviewers, and Interested Parties to the HR requisitions inbox.

Occasionally there are instances where an electronic file or other piece of information is tied to an account holder who is no longer available to grant the necessary permissions or access. In such cases, employees may reach out to Information Technology and complete the process to request access. Visit the UM System Access to IT Accounts and Electronic Information webpage for additional instructions.