Circumstances sometimes arise such that the normal payroll process needs to be adjusted or will not suffice to meet a particular need. There are procedures established for processing these cases to ensure accuracy and compliance with all policies and regulations.

Off cycle payments are processed on Mondays and Wednesdays each week, providing consistency on when payments are expected to deposit. Payments are processed on the next available Off-Cycle Payment processing day. Holidays or special payroll processing may affect these days, which will be noted on the corresponding pay dates calendar.

To make an off-cycle pay request, submit a completed Payroll Off-Cycle Authorization form (PDF).

Payments are processed as direct deposit, which results in the employee receiving payment with in 1-2 business days after the processing date. Where possible, rosters are encouraged as opposed to off-cycle payments.

Any request to gross-up a payment processed through payroll will be grossed-up for all applicable tax withholdings (e.g. Federal, State, Local and FICA) and processed off-cycle. The off-cycle payment will incur the off-cycle processing fee. 

It is important to understand that the net payment received by the employee will be distributed between the actual net deposit, any garnishment deductions and any retirement contributions.

See MU Business Policy and Procedure Manual 2:071 Fees: Payroll Off-Cycle Payments and Accounting Express Checks for additional information.

In the event of overpayment, payroll requires certain, specific information to calculate the appropriate repayment amount.

The HR/Payroll Operations unit calculates overpayments and provides repayment information to the responsible department. The department is responsible for communicating with the overpaid employee. For questions and employee notification template messages, please contact the campus HR/Payroll Operations unit.

For guidance specific to tax processing for a nonresident employee's departmental payments, honorariums, scholarships, prizes and awards or royalties, visit the Departmental Processing for Nonresident Employees webpage.