Use of the phrase ‘time and labor’ can refer to a few different facets of working at the university. It encompasses the processes by which employees log their working hours to receive pay or report leave used, the module located in the myHR employee portal where these actions are completed, as well as the administrative procedures to approve and process the time information as part of payroll.

The UM System Time and Labor Admin webpage has a number of help and training guides for understanding and processing time and labor. Topics include:

For more general employee assistance related to reporting time in myHR for hourly, salaried and variable-hour employees, please refer to the UM System myHR: Time and Labor webpage.

The CAPS Center is the main point of contact for assisting department faculty and staff with time and labor processing. Depending on the question or issue, CAPS staff may be able to address the concern immediately, or they will work with the Payroll Office directly.

CAPS Center Staff Can Help With...

      Quick Fix Issues
      • Has ‘Time Admin’ run?
      • Payable time not showing for approval?
      • Should I change the punch to remove the .1 REG?
      • Why won’t CTE create?
      • When will TR/TK/TA get access?
      Coordinating More Complicated Resolution
      • Punches not showing as expected?
      • CTE in error?
      • Unable to access the time to approve?
      • Incorrect timesheet PTO balances?
      • Approvals from transferred employees?
      • Processing vacation payout or transition assistance?

      If agreed upon by the department and the employee, departments may give non-exempt employees compensatory time off in lieu of immediate overtime pay at a rate of one and one-half hours for each hour of overtime worked. Earned compensatory time must be recorded as part of the regular payroll processing cycle.

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