Non-tenure track (NTT) faculty usually receive notice regarding their appointment for the next year in February.

Non-Renewal Notices

  • Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 310.035 Non-Tenure Track Faculty requires that “NTT faculty who will not receive a reappointment should be informed in writing at least three months in advance of the appointment end date unless extenuating circumstances exist.”
  • For faculty with nine-month appointments, such notices of non-renewal should be sent by the end of February.
  • Unranked faculty (instructors, etc.) whose appointments are not being renewed should also receive notice in writing prior to the end of their current appointment.
    • The three-month notification rule does not apply unless the department committed to such notification (or some other period) in the offer letter or previous renewal letters.
    • When considering non-renewals, please check obligations made previously.

Renewal Notices

  • The Provost’s Office highly recommends that such notice be given in writing each year to renewed NTT faculty appointments.
    • Around February, consider sending renewals to individual NTT faculty members where the department is confident renewal can occur.
    • If, however, the department is not yet certain it will be able to renew individual NTT faculty members, wait to send notification of renewal until the department's ability to renew is clearer.

Appointment Length

  • Appointments are generally (though not always) 9/1 - 5/31 or 9/1 - 8/31. It is sometimes more appropriate to renew for a period of time shorter than nine months (e.g., when the position is funded by grants and grant funds are not yet guaranteed).

Template Letters

Please contact the Provost Office or Strategic HR Partner for template letter language.

Tenure (T) and tenure-track (TT) faculty renewals follow a different process to non-tenure track (NTT) appointments.

In the event of non-renewal of a tenure-track faculty member, complete the Notice of Non-Renewal of Tenure-Track Faculty Form (PDF) and return it to the Sr. Vice Provost resource inbox.