The university is a public, land-grant institution of higher education subject to federal and state laws and regulations with an obligation to promote equal opportunity employment and affirmative action. In situations where competitive employment opportunities exit, the university intends to post and recruit those positions. However, in those limited situations where legitimate reasons support an exception to this policy, the university reserves the right to make a direct placement.


For employment actions where recruitment does not occur, departments must provide appropriate documentation supporting the reasons for the action. Human Resources must review the documentation and determine if the recruitment waiver is appropriate.


Some employment actions do not require competitive posting because these selections do not constitute employment opportunities available to anyone else. The university reserves the right to waive the posting requirement and to place a qualified individual in a position without recruitment to further the best interests of the institution in the following situations:

Assignment of a new job title to a current employee who has been assigned job duties and responsibilities outside the employee's current title. Or, assignment of a new job title to a current employee whose duties and responsibilities have grown beyond the current title/classification.

Grant is awarded based on the application designating the names of specified individuals intended to work on the grant.

The promotion of an existing regular employee into a higher position occurring within that employee's department.

The designation of an individual to fill a position on an "interim" or "acting" basis until an appropriate recruitment or appointment can occur.

The placement of a former employee into a position which they previously held.