To help managers make the best decisions regarding salary, Human Resources supports data-driven decisions and provides additional guidance around employee compensation and classification. Guidance varies depending on the type of role, such as whether the position is academic, staff or for postdocs or other student categories.

For a comprehensive look at all job titles within the University of Missouri System, including academic, staff, union-eligible, health care and student positions, visit Job Code Detail.

Staff positions also include information on the job family's nature of work, a leveling guide and a hierarchical representation of all titles within that job family.

Staff titles are those used for administrative, service and support roles. Staff can be full-time or variable-hour and may or may not be eligible for university benefits.

Some positions may be restricted in their use or require special approvals before opening. Learn more about MU-specific guidance on compensation and classification for staff titles.

Teaching and research titles are only used for those who are primarily engaged in academic functions. Recruitment for academic positions takes place through the Office of the Provost and must be approved by that office.

Certain categories of academic titles have special considerations. Similarly, compensation guidelines may differ depending on the type of academic appointment.

Employing students can be a great option that provides valuable work experience to students as they complete their studies, as well as support to the departments in which they work. Appropriate pay for working students can vary depending on the type of role and work being conducted.

Certain job title codes are used when a postdoctoral fellow is compensated by the university but is not otherwise considered an employee of the university.

Increases to employee pay must be submitted for approval by the Office of the Provost and/or the Office of Human Resources, called a Justification for Increase (JFI). Individuals who have access to submit ePAFs should also have access to submit JFIs for review.