The following job titles codes are used for postdoctoral fellows who are compensated by the university but are not considered employees of the university.

Job Code 6990

  • Used to appointment postdoctoral trainees who are supported by grants, contracts and other funding sources that do not prohibit employee status as a condition for funding.
  • Establishes an employee/employer relationship.
  • Postdoctoral fellows are 1.0 FTE benefit eligible positions. Exceptions can be made with Graduate School approval.

Job Code 6991

  • Used when the funding agency prohibits an employer-employee relationship between the university and postdoctoral trainee as a condition of an award (for example, NRSA awards) and others who are receiving a "true fellowship" as defined by IRS regulations.
  • Receives financial support that aids in the pursuit of research training, but that support cannot represent payment for performance of any past, present or future teaching, research or other services.
  • Postdocs in this category are not considered employees, therefore they are:
    • Not eligible for university tax deferred investment programs.
    • Not eligible for hire into concurrent jobs with the university.
  • While not considered employees, postdocs are paid through the payroll system and stipend will require withholding for state and federal taxes.
    • FICA is not withheld if they are funded by NRSA awards.
  • These postdocs will establish an educational relationship with the University by becoming financially enrolled.

Senior status can be applied to an employee or non-employee post-doctoral fellow title to recognize significant advancement in the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are needed to function as an independent investigator. Senior titles are "working titles" and do not have specific job or necessarily suggest a higher stipend. Senior status will be reflected on the PAF as a working title.