Teaching and research titles are only used for those who are primarily engaged in academic functions. Recruitment for academic positions takes place through the Office of the Provost and must be approved by that office. A complete list of teaching and research titles is available on the UM System Job Code Detail  webpage using the “Academic” tab.

Certain categories of academic titles have special considerations as described below. Similarly, compensation guidelines may differ depending on the type of academic appointment.

Individuals in academic administrator titles are primarily engaged in academic functions and direct instructional, research or teaching activities. While these roles include administrative duties, as academic titles, they should not be included in the vacation/sick leave system.

Academic Administrator Titles

Job Code Academic Administrator Job Title
1170 Assistant Dean
1180 Assistant Director
4045 Assistant Provost
4042 Assistant Vice Provost
0862 Associate Chair
0890 Associate Dean
0900 Associate Director
4046 Associate Provost
4043 Associate Vice Provost
4054 Chancellor
3260 Dean
3315 Department Chair
4047 Deputy Provost
3380 Director
4048 Provost
9466 Vice Chancellor and Dean for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
4044 Vice Provost

If you have questions regarding these titles, please contact the Office of HR.

Adjunct titles can only be used for appointments that are non-benefit eligible.

Tenure/tenure track; benefit-eligible only
Job Code Title PS Rank
3148 (I) Curators Distinguished Professor 004
3503 (I) Curators Distinguished Teaching Professor 004
7160 Professor 004
0930 Associate Professor 003
1700 Assistant Professor 002

(I) These titles must be awarded. Departments cannot recruit.

Non-Benefit-Eligible Only
Job Code Title PS Rank
0102 Adjunct Professor N/A
0100 Adjunct Associate Professor N/A
0101 Adjunct Assistant Professor N/A
Benefit-Eligible or Non-Benefit-Eligible
Job Code Title PS Rank
9530 Visiting Professor N/A
9520 Visiting Associate Professor N/A
9510 Visiting Assistant Professor N/A


Benefit-Eligible Only
Job Code Title PS Rank
3503 (I) Curators Distinguished Teaching Professor 004
7142 Teaching Professor 004
7146 Associate Teaching Professor 003
7144 Assistant Teaching Professor 002
7690 Research Professor 004
7677 Associate Research Professor 003
7676 Assistant Research Professor 002
7163 Professional Practice Professor 004
0932 Professional Practice Associate Professor 003
1703 Professional Practice Assistant Professor 002
7162 Clinical Department Professor 004
0935 Clinical Department Associate Professor 003
1702 Clinical Department Assistant Professor 002
2830 Clinical Professor 004
2790 Clinical Associate Professor 003
2800 Clinical Assistant Professor 002
3844 Extension Professor 004
3843 Associate Extension Professor 003
3841 Assistant Extension Professor 002
3851 Extension Professional N/A
3853 Associate Extension Professional N/A
3852 Assistant Extension Professional N/A
0575 Archivist I** 002
0576 Archivist II** 002
0577 Archivist III** 003
0578 Archivist IV** 004
5822 Librarian I** 002
5833 Librarian II** 002
5824 Librarian III** 003
5825 Librarian IV** 004

**Ranked on Columbia campus under Collected Rules and Regulations Section 310.035: Non-Tenure Track Faculty, effective April 2018.

(I) These titles must be awarded. Departments cannot recruit.

Occasionally, a department may have a full-time, non-exempt (hourly) staff member who teaches classes in addition to their full-time, hourly duties (e.g., a master welder who works full time as a welder for the university, but teaches a welding course in the evenings).

In these cases, the staff member’s primary duty relates to their full-time, non-exempt position, rather than their part-time teaching. As such, their teaching work is usually not applicable under Section 13(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which provides minimum wage and overtime pay exemption for teachers and other categories of employees.

For additional details, read the August 2005 response letter from the U.S. Department of Labor (PDF).

Faculty Compensation Guidelines

Information on appropriate pay levels for a variety of positions is available on the UM System Pay Matrices webpage.

The UM System Faculty Salary Comparator Data is a tool that provides comparator data on salaries of faculty at the University of Missouri, comparing them to salaries at peer institutions. Faculty chairs and other department heads are encouraged to review this data when making hiring, salary increase and promotion decisions.

Summer Salary for Nine-Month Faculty

Because of the nature of their contract, there are other considerations related to how pay is issued for faculty on a nine-month contract who work over the summer semester in addition to their nine-month contract.

To ensure these faculty are paid appropriately over the summer months, consult the nine-month summer salary calculator spreadsheet (Excel) to help determine the appropriate amounts.