Staff titles are those used for administrative, service and support roles. Staff can be full-time or variable-hour and may or may not be eligible for university benefits. Complete job descriptions, leveling guides, job family hierarchies and more helpful information can be found on the UM System Job Code Detail webpage using the “GGS Staff” and “Union Eligible” tabs. MU-specific guidance on compensation and classification can be found in this section.  

Some codes and titles are restricted and may require specific reporting structures and/or additional review by one or more levels of leadership before they are used. Certain titles are also department specific, yet may be used with approval of the responsible college, school or division. Titles are organized based on the type of restriction below. To use one of these titles, work with your Strategic HR Partner who will coordinate the review and approval process.

Restricted Titles

Job Family Titles with Restricted Use Allowed for Use By
Office and Administrative
  • Senior Executive Assistant
Chancellor; executive-level direct reports to chancellor (e.g., vice chancellors); deans
Engineering, Construction and Design
  • Construction Manager I (#4392)
  • Construction Manager II (#4393)
  • Construction Manager, Senior (#4394)
Campus Facilities*
  • Senior Accountant
Division of Finance; Office of Sponsored Program Administration
Service Maintenance
  • MTS Electrician SSD (#9843)
  • Trades Helper SSD (#9844)
Campus Facilities*

*Please note, only Campus Facilities employees have delegated authority to serve or act as owner’s representative on construction projects.

Titles Requiring Additional Review/Approval

Job Family Titles requiring additional approval Division providing approval
  • All titles in job family
Office of Advancement
Business Support Services
  • All management-level fiscal titles
Division of Finance
  • All titles in job family
Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • All titles in job family
Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
  • All titles in job family
Office of Human Resources
  • All management-level fiscal titles
Office of Human Resources
Human Resources
  • All titles in job family
Office of Human Resources
Information Technology**
  • All titles in job family
Division of Information Technology
  • Data Analyst I (#4030)
  • Data Analyst II (#4031)
  • Data Analyst III (#4032)
Division of Institutional Research


Shift differential is additional compensation in recognition of time worked outside of day shifts on a regular basis. The following titles on the MU campus are authorized to receive this additional pay per HR Policy Manual HR-213 Shift Differential.

Job Code Shift Differential-Eligible Title
9706 Animal Technician I
4576 Asoc Media Producer
9711 Athletic Attendant
9715 Bindery Operator I
9716 Bindery Operator II
9717 Bindery Operator II
9790 Building Controls Systems Tech I
9791 Building Controls Systems Tech II
9792 Building Controls Systems Tech III
9793 Building Controls Systems Tech IV
9721 BTS Equipment Operator
9722 BTS Glazier
9723 BTS Locksmith
9724 BTS Mason
9725 BTS Painter
9726 BTS Plasterer
9728 Building Maintenance Mechanic
9735 Chiller Technician III
9736 Commercial Sign Designer
9738 Cooling Tower Technician
4526 Coor Athletic Operations
4111 CSM Associate I
4112 CSM Associate II
4113 CSM Associate III
4114 CSM Associate Sr
9740 Custodian I
9741 Custodian II
9745 Electrician, Underground Distribution I
4168 Electronics Technician I
4169 Electronics Technician II
9752 Facilities Attendant
9756 Farm Worker III
9762 Floor Care Tech
9766 Food Service Worker IV


Job Code Shift-Differential-Eligible Title
9768 Groundskeeper I
9769 Groundskeeper II
4436 Health Physics Technician I
4437 Health Physics Technician II
4438 Health Physics Technician Sr
9714 High Voltage Electrician
9774 Insulation Services Worker II
9775 Insulation Services Worker III
9777 Laboratory Attendant
9778 Laborer
4246 Library Info Specialist
4247 Library Info Specialist Sr
4245 Library Information Assistant


Job Code Shift Differential-Eligible Title
9783 Maintenance Services Attendant
4578 Media Producer II
4575 Media Production Associate
7596 Medical Coding Specialist
4186 Messenger
9788 Mover
9794 MTS Electrician
9797 MTS Insulator
9801 MTS Sheet Metal Worker
9802 MTS Welder
4236 Office Support Assistant III
6653 Patient Svc Rep
4118 Police Officer
4119 Police Sergeant
9808 Utility Production Electrician II
9810 Utility Production Maintenance Specialist II
9811 Utility Production Maintenance Specialist III
9813 Power Plant Operator I
9814 Power Plant Operator II
9816 Press Operator II
9817 Press Operator III
4459 Reactor Operator
4460 Reactor Operator Sr
4457 Reactor Operator Trainee I
4458 Reactor Operator Trainee II
4482 Research/Lab Technician
4484 Research/Lab Technician Sr


Job Code Shift Differential-Eligible Title
4115 Safety Communications Operator
4116 Security Officer
4117 Security Officer Sr
9822 Small Engine Mechanic
9825 Steam Plant Operator I
9826 Steam Plant Operator II
4281 Technology Resource Associate
4727 Telecom Tech-Entry
4729 Telecom Tech-Expert
4731 Telecom Tech-Principle
4728 Telecom Tech-Specialist
9835 Trades Helper
9844 Trades Helper SSD
9837 Utility Distribution Worker II
9838 Utility Distribution Worker III
9839 Utility Distribution Worker IV
4508 Veterinary Technician
4512 Veterinary Technician Lead
4509 Veterinary Technician Sr



Related job experience, education and/or credentials are considered when determining a salary/pay offer. Compensation guidelines are outlined on the UM System Compensation Resources for HR Offices webpage.

Information on appropriate pay levels for a variety of positions is available on the UM System Pay Matrices webpage.

For instructions on processing certain increases, review information related to Justification for Increase.

Job classification is a system for objectively defining the duties, responsibilities, and authority level of a job. It is a core function of Human Resources and provides the foundation for the full life cycle of employment. Key elements identified with a position classification assessment include Department of Labor’s FLSA exemption status (exempt vs. non-exempt), university title, and university pay grade level.

Changes in responsibilities can occur for a variety of reasons, which may affect the level and classification of the position. Typically such changes take place gradually over time as the position naturally grows in duties and responsibilities. In cases where the duties of an existing employee no longer align with their title, departments may propose a reclassification of position by completing the Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ) process. All PCQ processes include collaboration with the college, school or division’s Strategic HR Partner.

Please contact your Strategic HR Partner for questions. Additional information on classification information and processes is available on the UM System Compensation Resources for HR Offices webpage.

Factors for Reclassification

Reclassification reviews will typically be processed only if it has been more than six (6) months since the last reclassification review of the position and/or incumbent unless there is an exceptional reason (e.g., reorganization) which has been discussed with your Strategic HR Partner.

Significant changes in the nature of the work (the type of work activity performed) and/or the level of work may indicate the need for a reclassification review. Job natures and levels for each position can be found on the Job Code Detail website.

An increase in work volume alone is not a basis for reclassification. Similarly, incumbent-based reasons, such as job performance, length of service, counter offers, temporary assignments, increase in travel requirements, etc. are not a sufficient basis for reclassification.

Reclassification Process

  1. The department and/or campus Strategic HR Partner identifies the need for a new position or a reclassification review. Together, the supervisor and Strategic HR Partner assess the scope of duties, organizational design elements, and prepare an effective position description.
  2. Department completes the PCQ in myHR.
  3. Strategic HR Partner verifies:
    1. There is a supportable, valid business rationale for the requested change.
    2. The PCQ documentation is accurate and complete and includes necessary approvals.
    3. All necessary supporting documentation is included (e.g., org charts, historical background, etc.).
  4. Strategic HR Partner routes all documentation together. If there are multiple PCQs related to the same situation (e.g., reorganization) all should be routed together to UM.
  5. The Compensation and Classification team completes position evaluations and approves a university title and pay grade, or:
    1. Prompts for more information if needed; may request job audit questionnaire, time study, organizational chart, additional background or historical information as needed.
    2. Makes timely notification to the Strategic HR Partner regarding any delay and negotiate acceptable completion date as needed.
  6. Upon receipt of information from UM Compensation and Classification team, the Strategic HR Partner:
    1. Provides department with outcome of position reclassification review request and discusses salary.
    2. Takes steps to initiate changes, including working with the unit to update the position description and org chart, post a position, and/or process a Justification for Increase (JFI) and employee letter, if applicable.